What made WhatsApp so famous?

With the rise in technology, many things have changed from our lifestyles to our eating habits and similarly our communication technology. Earlier, it was so difficult to talk to any friend who used to stay miles away from home but the invention of phones made it easy to have a chit-chat as much as you want and as per your wish but phone calls also faced some problems.

Hindi Whatsapp- Status

Some of the biggest problems were:

  • High call charges

    When we talk to our pals or any family member then we likely to get going with the flow and forget about the duration of calls and these calls costs a lot and for people whose most of the work was through mobiles, they had to deal with high amount of bills. This was a bit annoying but there was no choice but WhatsApp made it easy to share anything by providing features like Hindi Whatsapp Status and a lot many features made it possible to cut down the prices of chatting. This was the main reason which made WhatsApp so famous all of a sudden because it was indeed needed and when it came into market it went into almost everybody’s phone.

  • Through calls we were not connected for all the time

    WhatsApp status in Hindi made it possible to share whatever we are thinking. Our friends will get to know about us altogether and there is no need to take out some time to make a call, all you need to do is post your status and your friends will get to know about it. You can chat and make groups of limited people who can talk together and no one else will be able to see them, it is like chatting alive because the effects are so real to feel.

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